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  • Part Number : CGW-Z-0010
  • Dimensions : 60.3 x 51.0 x 42.1 mm
  • Temperature : 20 to 40 °C
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Extend Your Range!

The Cortet Z10 Range Extender (CGW-Z-010) is a device intended for use in various wireless sensor network (WSN), machine-to-machine (M2M), and Internet of Things (IOT) applications.

The Cortet Z10 Range Extender is a reliable, secure, and simple way to extend the range and/or capacity of a zigbee network. The Z10 is especially useful in large facilities or facilities with a poor RF environment. The Z10 acts as a relay for zigbee messages between zigbee devices that are otherwise out of range – for example, a Cortet Z10 Range Extender can be used to relay messages between zigbee end nodes and an otherwise out of range zigbee coordinator such as a Cortet E100 gateway. The Cortet Z10 Range Extender can also be used to increase the total number of zigbee devices that a zigbee coordinator can control.

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CGW-Z-0010-00CELDigiKey Mouser

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