Offers Wi-Fi 6 and BT5.2

Product Photo of CMP4620 IoT Module

Product Details

  • Frequency : 2.4GHz
  • Wi-Fi : b/g/n/ax, 20MHz, TWT
  • Bluetooth : 5.2, Long Range, Mesh
  • Architecture : HOSTLESS
  • Operating Sys. : FreeRTOS, mBed libraries
  • SW Support : GCC + Make, GDB
  • Wireless MCU : M55 and RISC-V compatible
  • Memory : 8MB or 16MB Flash
  • Interfaces : UART, SPI, I2C, LEDC, GPIO
  • IoT Security : WPA3, Trust Zone, RSIP, ECDSA Engine, HW Crypto Engine
  • Certified : FCC IC CE
Coming Soon

Hostless Wi-Fi 6+ BLE 5.2 for IoT.

Designed for next generation Wi-Fi IoT devices, the CMP4620 provides the latest in Wi-Fi performance and features with it’s AX functionality, as well as BT 5.2. It offers dual-core MCU support for lowpower operation and plenty of processing horse power, as well as ample Flash/SRAM memory and resources for your application. With it’s TrustZone-M support, crypto engine, secure boot…and TRNG, it offers the security features today’s devices require. Development is supported by CEL’s evaluation board, SDK, quick-start guides, reference code, integration assistance…to get your product to market quickly.

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