Offers Wi-Fi 6, BT5.4, and 802.15.4 technologies

Product Photo of CMP4612 IoT Module

Product Details

  • Frequency : 2.4/5GHz
  • Wi-Fi : ax, 20MHz, TWT
  • Bluetooth : BT5.4
  • 802.15.4 : Thread, Matter, Zigbee
  • Architecture : HOSTED or HOSTLESS
  • Operating Sys. : FreeRTOS, NCP mode
  • SW Support : MCUXpresso IDE & SDK, GCC, IAR
  • MCU : M33 @260MHz
  • Memory : 8MB Flash (16MB option)
  • Interfaces : I2C/12S/SPI/UART/PWM/ADC/SDIO/ETH
  • IoT Security : TRNG, AES, SHA-1, SHA-256
  • Certified : FCC IC CE
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Hostless Wi-Fi 6 + BLE 5.4 + 802.15.4 for IoT.

Designed for multi-protocol applications, the CMP4612 offers Wi-Fi 6, BT5.4, and 802.15.4 technologies to utilize in your application. Included are a rich set of application resources like, an ARM-Cortex-M33, up to 16MB Flash, 1.2MB SRAM, numerous interfaces including USB, SDIO, and ethernet, as well as a variety of peripherals such as an ADC/DAC, PWMs, and LCD Interface. The CMP4612 also provides some of the most advanced security features, including NXP’s EdgeLock, Trusted execution environment, TRNG, and more. The solution is compact and includes either an integrated antenna or connector.

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