Environment Policy

Committed to sustainability and protecting the environment

Corporate Responsibility

CEL believes that a commitment to the environment is a corporate priority. We proactively promote activities in community and workplace that protect our natural environment and save resources.

Environment Policy

CEL strives to work on environment management activities spontaneously on the basis of environmental philosophy. Resources protection and environmental pollution prevention are promoted in all the resources and waste in business activities.


Operate our business in a manner that reduces our impacts on the environment, prevents pollution, and protects the environment and resources.

Dedication to improving our systems continuously, and enhance employees’awareness of environmental impacts.

Compliance with environmental laws, regulations and other obligations. If our own requirements are more stringent, we operate to the higher standards

RoHS, REACH, and Mineral Conflict-free

CEL has controlled the chemical content of raw materials, packing materials and processes, in order to provide products which are lessen the environmental burden of our customers.

CEL adheres to and maintains current with RoHS directives, REACH regulations and we work to eliminate conflict-related minerals.

One or more metals including Gold (Au), Tin (Sn), Ta (Tantalum), W (Tungsten), and Co (Cobalt) are used in CEL semiconductor products. To the best of our knowledge, CEL certifies that Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Cobalt (Co), Gold (Au), or Tungsten (W) metals in CEL-branded components do not originate from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, or Zambia.

This statement is based on CEL’s understanding of Conflict Minerals and knowledge of the materials that go into these components. CEL relies on information provided by our suppliers and has not conducted chemical analysis or testing.

If you should have any additional questions regarding our devices and compliance to environmental standards, please do not hesitate to contact us

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