Low Noise FETs


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Part NumberTypeFrequency (GHz)VDS (V)IDS (mA)NFOPT (dB)GA (dB)CodeBuy
CE3512K2Micro-X Plastic122.0100.313.7K2DigiKey  Mouser
CE3514M4Plastic SMD122.0100.4212.2M4DigiKey  Mouser
CE3520K3Micro-X Plastic20/242.0100.55 / 0.8013.8 / 13.9K3DigiKey  Mouser
CE3521M4Plastic SMD202.0100.7011.9M4DigiKey  Mouser

CEL offers industry-leading Low Noise GaAs FET devices. Exceptional noise figure performance at frequencies past 20GHz are achieved in both ceramic and plastic packages.

CEL’s new RF product lineup includes a broad range of low cost and high performance Switch ICs, Low Noise Amplifier ICs and Low Noise Transistors.

CEL RF and Microwave products serve wireless applications including WLAN, Zigbee, Bluetooth, SDARS, GNSS, DBS, AMI, Mobilecomm, and General SRW (Including Wireless Security).

These CEL products maintain the high Japanese manufacturing quality and reliability for which CEL is well known.

CEL continues to support our RF Components through the availability of many evaluation boards and highly skilled Application Engineering operating within our RF laboratories.

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