Wi-Fi 6 by CEL...Benefits beyond blazing speed!

When people talk about Wi-Fi 6, they talk about the higher data rates and blazing speed. Yes, theoretically, 802.11ax will achieve much higher connection rates (up to 9.6Gbps). However, Wi-Fi 6 promises to deliver much more than increased speeds. Below is a summary of the key benefits that most Wi-Fi 6 networks are expected to realize:

Greater Network Capacity and Efficiency in Dense Environments

MU-MIMO has been expanded to allow for routers to talk with up to eight devices simultaneously

OFDMA will enable one transmission to provide data to multiple devices at once. This is accomplished by slicing the few big existing Wi-Fi channels into much smaller ones called Resource Units

1024-QAM allows for more data to be packed into each transmission for greater throughput and improving spectral efficiency

160MHz Channel Bandwidth combined with MU-OFDMA improves efficiency by (1)reducing packet airtime and (2) enabling packet transfer of different sizes from multiple clients simultaneously

Basic Service Sets such as Spatial Frequency Re-use allows for utilizing channels in a more coordinated and efficient manner

Additional 6GHz Spectrum for Wi-Fi 6E networks will make available an additional 1.2GHz of clear spectrum in certain regions

Lower Power Consumption

Target Wake Times (TWT) allow for scheduled check-in times to extend battery life for power constrained IoT devices

Managed and efficient use of the bandwidth will conserve power


Faster throughput and getting on/off the air faster will decrease the signal traffic and collisions

Improved bandwidth management will reduce the RF noise


Faster RF data rates will yield faster throughput

Efficient management of bandwidth in crowded areas (OFDMA…allowing the AP to talk to multiple STAs simultaneously)

Improved interference performance reduces latency

Improved Security with WPA3

Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE)

Wi-Fi Enhanced Open Mode – Traffic encryption for open networks.