Non-optimized wireless solutions damage brands, customer satisfaction, and profits…see for yourself:

Below are online customer review snippets for well-known wireless door camera products and connected garage door openers:

Issues like the above, whether for consumer or commercial systems, impact businesses negatively in many ways:

  • Increased installation costs
  • Higher service/support expenses
  • Larger system costs
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Poor product reviews
  • Damage to a brand and reputation
  • Business distractions
  • Reduced ROI and profits

For improved wireless performance and network results, CEL recommends looking carefully at the following:

Review, Understand, VerifyComments
Radio Noise ImmunityNoise of the host board reduces effectiveness of the module
Receiver SensitivityAntenna mismatch degrades the realized Rx sensitivity
Tx powerCompare module Pout vs. IC maximum achievable Pout
FCC Compliance vs. DatasheetFCC spec compliance may require module to operate at reduced Tx power
Antenna Radiation PatternDirectional? Only a narrow area of the sphere achieves reasonable Tx power
Module Antenna EfficiencyRadiated Tx power vs. Conducted Tx power
Module Placement on Host BoardModule radiated power when on Host board vs. Eval board
TRP Testing of Final ProductSee above
iPerf Testing of SystemValidate real world performance as good as expected based on lab data