What do iPerf results really mean for an IoT solution?

Even if your wireless network isn't data intensive, why should you consider iPerf Testing?

First, what is iPerf Testing?  

Simply put, iPerf shows the maximum achievable throughput on an IP Network.

Why should I care?

Generally speaking, the greater the throughput, the healthier and higher-performing your system is, resulting in a number of key benefits, even for a low data/bandwidth application.  

Key Benefits of Higher iPerf Results:

  • Reliability - Maintain Connections
  • Easier & Faster Installations
  • Improved Path Loss
  • Better Noise Immunity
  • Reduced Latency
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Faster OTA Updates
  • Less Network Traffic
  • Range & Coverage
  • Enclosure Penetration
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