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Part of a +60-year-old wireless technology company, the Connectivity team has been providing best in class radio solutions to OEMs for over 15 years. Our product specialization is in short range wireless solutions, such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or combination technologies. CEL’s RF components provide OEMs some of the smallest packaging and highest performance devices in the market. For either product offering, our U.S.-based team works closely with customers to identify the ideal technology that delivers the optimal solution for their application, supports them vehemently through the challenges that wireless presents, and provides customers with the highest quality and performing products available in its class. Leveraging these solutions, companies are enabled to get to market fast, in a position to offer world class performing end-products and compete globally



Our mission is to collaborate with your development team, to deliver what you need.

First, we pin-point the technology that is ideal for your application and product.
Next, we provide you with a solution that will meet your requirements. Our team will give you the necessary tools and support to integrate the technology.
Finally, due to our extensive RF design expertise, qualification process, and production testing, we will deliver you the highest performing and quality solution available.
When you work with CEL, our support members become an extension of your development team, to connect your product to the world.
Connectivity Products RF Components

Markets and Technologies

We specialize in many wireless technogies across any market, including:

Building Controls

Wirelessly connected intelligent HVAC, security, lighting, and power management solutions are driving innovation for comfort, convenience, safety, and energy efficiency.


Today’s lighting is about comfort, health, productivity, space utilization, lowering operating costs… All of which leverage wireless technology for networked communication and control.

Smart Energy

Whether it’s a utility, ESCO, alternative energy source, or consumer - wireless communication is enabling resource and infrastructure management, while driving down the costs for all.


Modern factories, workers, equipment, and tools are leveraging wireless to improve efficiencies, lower operating expenses, enhance quality, maximize productivity, and increase safety.

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