RF & Microwave

Symbols Definitions

BV Isolation Voltage POUT Output Power
BW Bandwidth PSAT Saturation Output Power
CCB Collector to Base Capacitance PT Total Power Dissipation
CG Conversion Gain PTEST Power Output at Test Point
CM Cross Modulation of Common Mode Rg Gate Resistance
BVCER Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage RLIN Input Return Loss
BVCEO Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage RLOUT Output Return Loss
BVCBO Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage RTH Thermal Resistance
BVEBO Emitter-Base Breakdown Voltage RTH(J-C) Thermal Resistance (Junction to Case)
COB Output Capacitance RTH(J-A) Thermal Resistance (Junction to Ambient)
CRE Common Emitter Reverse Transfer Capacitance RTH(CH-C) Thermal Resistance (Channel to Case)
Duty Duty Cycle RTH(CH-A) Thermal Resistance (Channel to Ambient)
fT Unity Gain Bandwidth Product TA Ambient Temperature
fIN Input Frequency TC Case Temperature
fMAX Maximum Frequency of Oscillation TCH Channel Temperature
fSTB Oscillator Frequency Stability tf Fall Time
fOP Operating Frequency TJ Junction Temperature
GA Associated Gain ton Turn-on time
G1DB Gain at P1dB toff Turn-off time
GL Linear Gain tr Rise Time
GM Transconductance TSET Laser Set Temperature
GP Power Gain TSTG Storage Temperature
hFE Forward Current Gain TSOL Soldering Temperature
IC Collector Current VAGC Automatic Gain Control Voltage (Si MMICs)
ICBO Collector Cutoff Current VCONT Control Voltage (Si & GaAs Ics)
ICC Supply Current VCC Silicon Collector Supply Voltage
ID Monitor Dark Current (Laser) VEE Silicon Emitter Supply Voltage
IDD Supply Current (drain for GaAs) VCBO Collector to Base Voltage
IDS Drain to Source Current VCEO Collector to Emitter Voltage (Open)
IDSS Saturated Drain to Source Current VCER Collector to Emitter Voltage with Resistor
IDQ Quiescent Drain Current VDD GaAs Drain Supply Voltage
IEBO Emitter Cutoff Current VDS Drain to Source Voltage
IEE Supply Current (emitter for Silicon) VDSX Drain to Source Voltage w/SpecificGate Voltage
IF Intermediate Frequency (prescalers) VEBO Emitter to Base Voltage
IFH High Level Input Current VG1S Gate 1 to Source Voltage
IFL Low Level Input Current VGD Gate to Drain Voltage
IG Gate Current VGDO Gate to Drain Voltage Terminal Open
IGF Forward Gate Current VGS Gate to Source Voltage
IGRF Gate Current with RF on VGSO Gate to Source Voltage Terminal Open
IGSO Gate to Source Leakage Current VID Differential Input Voltage
IMD Intermodulation Distortion VIN Input Voltage
IM2 Second Order Intermodulation Distortion VO Output Voltage
IM3 Third Order Intermodulation Distortion VOSC Vcc at OSC Stop
IO Output Current VP Pinch Off Voltage
IOP Operating Current VTXD Data Input Voltage
IM Monitor Current VR Reverse Voltage
ISOL Isolation VRXD Data Output Voltage
ISS Sink Current VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
ITH Threshold Current GL or ∆GS Gain Flatness
MAG Maximum Available Gain ηADD Power Added Efficiency
NF Noise Figure ηC Collector Efficiency
NFMIN Minimum Noise Figure s Spectrum Width
NFOPT Optimum Noise Figure |S11| Input Return Loss
P1dB Output Power at 1dB Gain Compression Point |S21|2 Insertion Power Gain
PD Power Dissipation S21E|2 Insertion Power Gain (common emitter)
pF Picofarad |S21S|2 Forward Insertion Gain
Pf Output Power from Fiber |S22| Output Return Loss
PIN RF Input Power λ Center Emission Wavelength
Pt Optical Output from Fiber λp Peak Emission Wavelength
POSC Oscillator Power Output at VCE    
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