Renesas Laser & Detectors

Symbols Definitions

B B constant Tc Operating case temperature
Ct Terminal capacitance tf Fall time
DP Dispersion penalty tr Rise time
ER Extinction ratio TA Ambient temperature
ext Polarization extinction ratio TLD Laser temperature
F Excess noise factor Tset Laser set temperature
fc Cut-off frequency Tsld Lead soldering temperature
fm Flat frequency response Tstg Storage temperature
GB Gain-bandwidth product VBR Reverse breakdown voltage
IC Cooler current Vc Cooler voltage
ID Dark current VF Forward voltage
IDM Multiplied dark current VFP Pulsed forward current
IF Forward current VO Output IC voltage
IFP Pulsed forward current Vop Operating voltage
Im Monitor current Vpp Pick to pick voltage
Imod Modulation current VR Reverse voltage
Iph Photo current VRmc Modulation center voltage
IS Isolation VRmpp Modulation voltage
ISS Supply current VSS IC supply voltage
It Thermistor current Vt Thermistor voltage
Ith Threshold current x Excess noise factor
LINm Linearity Zt Transimpedance
M Multiplication factor ∆Sp Polarization dependence of sensitivity
ORL Optical return loss ∆St Temperature dependence of sensitivity
Pin Input power ΔSw Wavelength dependence of sensitivity
Po Optical output power ΔT Cooling capacity
PO Overload Δλ/ΔT Temperature dependence of the center wavelength
Pf Optical output power from fiber Δηd Temperature dependence of differential efficiency
Pout Output power Δν Spectral linewidth
Pr Minimum receiver sensitivity δ Temperature coefficient of reverse breakdown voltage
Pth Threshold output power γ Tracking error
PW Pulse width  λc Center wavelength
R Thermistor resistance λp Peak emission wavelength
RL Load resistance η Quantum efficiency
RIN Relative intensity noise ηd Differential efficiency
RMS Root-mean-square ηFM FM response
RH Relative humidity ηλ Discrimination slope
S Sensitivity θ⊥ Vertical beam angle
S11 Input return loss θ|| Lateral beam angle
S22 RF output return loss σ Spectral width
SMSR Side mode suppression ratio Ø Detecting area diameter
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