THine Interface & ASSP ICs


ISP (Image Signal Processor)

THine Interface & ASSP ICs

Key features:

  • Support up to 16Mpixel image systems
  • Sensor interface: MIPI, parallel and I2C master
  • Key auto functions: Exposure, Focus and White balance
  • Correction functions: Noise reduction, Edge enhancement, Color correction, Gamma correction, Dark area correction
  • Camera Development Kit (CDK) Tool for ISP Firmware development
    - Efficient image tuning to achieve high image performance for >13Mp Camera systems (Noise Reduction, Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure, Auto Focus)
    - Great flexibility for choice of Camera Module, Image Sensor and Application Processor

  • Whitepaper - THine Camera Development Kit speeds up time to market for medical device start-up

THine Interface & ASSP ICs Selection Guide:

ISP > ISP (Image Signal Processor)
Part No. Maximum Pixel Count Sensor I/F Host I/F Serial I/F Package Quote/Buy
THP7312 16M RAW8/10/12 bit parallel or MIPI 2ch (4+2Lanes)+VC RAW/YUV422/JPEG parallel or MIPI 1ch (4Lanes)+VC I2C Master/Slave SPI Master/Slave Intelligent PWM WLCSP81 BGA81 Contact CEL
ISP > CDK (Camera Development Kit)
Part No. Description About Quote/Buy
CDK_Toolkit Camera Development Kit (CDK) UI based Toolkit for ISP Firmware development - sophisticated tuning and real time adjustments Contact CEL
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