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CEL is your gateway to Tokyo Keiki RF Products in North America.

TOKYO KEIKI produces customized high quality microwave products under clean and controlled environmental conditions for various markets including Defense Communications, Defense Radar, Broadcast TV & Radio, Microwave Test and Measurement and ISM Band Equipment.

Tokyo Keiki is committed to high quality, high reliability and the environment. Tokyo Keiki's quality management system is ISO 9001 & JIS Q9100 (equivalent to AS9100) certified. Their factory's environmental management system is ISO14001 certified.

Solid State Power Amplifiers
Tokyo Keiki offers customized SSPAs from HF to mmWave frequencies with power levels greater than 200W. They utilize various semiconductor technologies including GaN FET, GaAs FET and LDMOS FET for the best performance. The SSPAs are suitable replacements for TWTs.
Solid State Microwave Generators
Tokyo Keiki offers customized rack mounted Solid State Generators in the 2.5GHz ISM band. Power levels of >1kW can be achieved to provide high reliability, low maintenance alternatives to Magnetrons. These Generators are complete with power supply and independent tuning of frequency and RF power levels.
Solid State Power Oscillators (SSPO™)
Tokyo Keiki offers customized SSPOs™ which integrates VCO or PLLs with RF power amplifiers. Adjustable power levels to >200W are available.

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