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CEL is your gateway for Renesas Electronics’ RF and Microwave products in the Americas.

Renesas RF and Microwave RFIC and Discrete Transistor devices, available in industry standard and miniaturized packages,  serve virtually all current wireless applications, and together with Application Engineering and Technical Sales support for CEL, provide high performance and highly reliable solutions for our customers.

Both Renesas Electronics and CEL are committed to the environment and are continually seeking new materials and methods of doing business that are environmentally responsible. You’ll find that all of our products are designed to meet RoHS compliance requirements.

RFIC Switches
RFIC Switches
CEL offers a wide range of RFIC Switches from Renesas in industry standard and miniaturized packages. Besides those shown on our website, we always have custom developments in progress - please inquire if you need a Switch which is not shown.
Small signal Silicon Bipolars
Small Signal Silicon Bipolars
CEL offers an extensive selection of Si and SiGe RF transistors and HBTs from Renesas for use as Low Noise Amplifiers, Medium Power Driver Amplifiers, and VCOs. Available packages include the smallest available in the industry.
Discrete Power Devices
Discrete Power Devices
CEL offers a wide range of Si LD-MOSFET Discrete Power Devices from Renesas in industry standard and miniaturized packages.
Silicon MMICs
CEL offers an extensive range of RF Silicon MMICs from Renesas. These devices range from single-function ICs to more complex mutli-function devices. Examples include LNAs, wideband Gain Blocks, Frequency Converters, AGC Amplifiers, and more.
Small signal GaAs FETs
Small Signal GaAs FETs
CEL offers industry-leading Low Noise GaAs FET devices from Renesas. Exceptional noise figure performance at frequencies above 20GHz are achieved in low-cost plastic packages.

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