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CEL and Renesas Electronics

California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) is the exclusive sales and marketing partner in the Americas for Compound Semiconductor Devices from Renesas Electronics Corporation. Products include RF components and RFICs, optocouplers, solid state relays, and laser diodes and photo detectors.

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Meet Our New Partner

CEL is now the gateway for TOKYO KEIKI RF Products in North America.

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MeshConnect Wireless Modules

California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) designs and manufactures the MeshWorks™ and MeshConnect™ lines of IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® Smart professional grade wireless solutions and participates in the ZigBee® Alliance, Thread Group and Bluetooth® SIG. CEL is ideally positioned to provide its customers with hardware and software products that greatly simplify design and reduce time to market.

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