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Parts Summary: UPC2746TB

Silicon MMIC Wideband Amplifier (See -A part # for RoHS compliant)

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  Electrical Characteristics (TA = 25C)    
VCC ICC NF Gain RLIN RLOUT Output P1dB    
Part No. Status @3dB
down (MHz)
(V) (mA) MIN (mA) TYP (mA) MAX (dB) TYP (db) MIN (dB) TYP (dB) MAX (dB) TYP (dB) TYP (dBm) TYP Package Style Quote/Buy
* UPC2746TB PHASE-OUT 1500 3 5 7.5 10 4 16 19 21 13 8.5 -3.7 SOT-363 Contact CEL
* means mouse over for notes.
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