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Cable Extension Kit for Raspberry Pi Camera Module

The Cable Extension Kit for the Raspberry Pi Camera provides a range extension of a video image by transporting serialized video data over a USB 3.1 Type C cable. It comes with a Transmitter (Tx) and a Receiver (Rx) boards that use the THine Serializer/De-serializer (Ser/Des) chipset with V-by-One® HS (THine High Speed Digital Interface Protocol) signal technology allowing for longer reach cable transmission between the Tx and Rx SER/DES devices.

The kit is Compatible with the Raspberry Pi Camera version 2.1. It can extend the video image through a USB 3.1 Type C cable length of up to 15 meters. The Serializer THCV241A and De-serializer THCV242 THine ICs are the Ser/Des chipsets used to enable the long reach transmission.

Kit Purpose:
Drive a Raspberry Pi video camera image from a Raspberry Pi Computer Board across an extended USB 3.1 Type C cable

Kit Content:

  • 1 Tx Board with THine THCV241A-B MIPI to V-by-One® HS Transmitter IC (with mounting screws)
  • 1 Rx Board with THine THCV242-B V-by-One® HS Receiver IC
  • 1-meter USB 3.1 Type C cable
  • 2 Ribbon Flex Cables (AWM 20624) - connections for Raspberry Pi Camera to Tx Board; and for Rx Board to Raspberry Pi Computer Board
  • Hardware mounting screws for Rx Board

Compatible with:
Raspberry Pi Camera version 2.1
Note: Kit is compatible with some modes of Raspberry Pi Camera version 1.3 but is not tested with this version camera during manufacturing of the Kit

THine V-by-One® HS High Speed Interface Protocol Ser/Des technology allows for longer reach cable transmission of MIPI-CSI-2 signals between the Tx and Rx devices with fewer number of cable lines.

Long reach capability for many camera applications where the camera is located away from the application processor.

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