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Parts Summary: CMP4020

Multi-Protocol IoT Connectivity Module

Based on Qualcomm's QCA4020, the CMP4020 is a multi-protocol connectivity module optimized for low-power IoT applications. The highly integrated module provides a flexible platform for developing connected products with requirements for multiple wireless standards. The CMP4020 contains a dedicated WLAN processor supporting IPv4/IPv6, an integrated Cortex-M0 to run BLE and 802.15.4 network stacks and a Cortex-M4F available for User Application code.

The CMP4020 offers advanced features from the Qualcomm Network IoT Connectivity Platform, including support for HomeKit and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), as well as support for AWS IoT software development kit (SDK) and Microsoft Azure IoT Devices SDK.

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            Tx Power Output Rx Sensitivity Temp Vcc Rx Current Tx Current Sleep /Suspend Current Dimen-
Part No. Module Type Transceiver Chipset Memory I/O Network Software / ZigBee Stack (dBm) (dBm) (°C) (V) (mA) (mA) (ľA) (mm)
CMP4020 -- Qualcomm QCA4020 -- -- Mesh -- -- -- -30 to 70 -- -- -- -- 28.5 x 33.5 x 4.5
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