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Parts Summary: ZICM357SP2

MeshConnect EM357 Mini Modules; ZigBee / 802.15.4 module based on EM357 IC

CEL's MeshConnect™ EM357 Mini Modules feature the smallest footprint of all Ember-based modules available today. Based upon the Ember EM357 ZigBee® SoC, these modules combine advanced silicon architecture and the industry's premier ZigBee stack, EmberZNet PRO™. With a small footprint (< 400 mm) and best-in-class RF performance (link budget 123 dB), CEL's Mini Modules challenge the merits of a discrete implementation. These modules are available in low and high output power options (+8 dBm and +20 dBm), to accommodate various range and performance requirements.

The EM357 SoC IC consists of an RF transceiver with a baseband modem, a hard-wired MAC and an embedded 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ -M3 microcontroller with internal RAM (12 kB) and Flash (192 kB) memory. It provides numerous general-purpose I/O pins and peripheral functions such as timers and UARTs enabling customers to access its rich mix of on-chip functionality.

As Silicon Lab's module partner, CEL has companion kits that enable the Mini Modules to be directly integrated into the Ember Insight™ development tools for easy integration and development.

CEL's MeshConnect™ line of 802.15.4/ZigBee products deliver industry-leading range, high performance, and a rich feature set. CEL's design examples, reference designs and engineering support help customers get their product designs to market quickly.

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            Tx Power Output Rx Sensitivity Temp Vcc Rx Current Tx Current Sleep /Suspend Current Dimen-
Part No. Module Type Transceiver Chipset Memory I/O Network Software / ZigBee Stack (dBm) (dBm) (°C) (V) (mA) (mA) (ľA) (mm)
ZICM357SP2 EM357 Mini Silicon™ Labs EM357 32 bit, ARM Cortex™-M3 192kB Flash, 12kB SRAM 22 Mesh EmberZNet PRO™ (ZigBee PRO) +20 -103 -40 to 85 2.1 - 3.6 34 150 1 23.9 x 16.6 x 3.86
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