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Parts Summary: THP7312

ISP (Image Signal Processor)

The THP7312 ISP is a well-tuned, high-speed pipelined and power saving hardware engine. It interfaces with a variety of CMOS image sensors in digital camera modules in machine vision, consumer, medical, office automation, education and VR/AR/MR cameras.

  • Image Size / Frame Rate: 16fps@16Mpixel, 20fps@13Mpixel, FHD 1080p-60fps / HD 720p-120fps
  • Pixel Rate: 300Mpixel/sec
  • Package:
    WLCSP81 (3.937mm x 3.960mm x 0.615mm, 0.4mm pitch)
    BGA81 (8mm x 8mm x 1.2mm, 0.8mm pitch)
  • Supply Voltage: CORE 1.2V, I/O 1.8V or 2.8V selectable
  • Sensor Interface:
    MIPI(4lane) RAW12/10/8bit + MIPI(2lane)RAW12/10/8bit, 1Gbps/lane
    Parallel RAW12/10/8bit
    I2C Master (Up to 400KHz)
  • Host Interface:
    MIPI (4lane), YUV420/422, JPEG, or RAW8bit, 1Gbps/lane
    Parallel, YUV420/422, JPEG or RAW8bit
    I2C Slave (Up to 400KHz), SPI Slave
  • External Interface: GPIO, SPI Master (Quad interface)

Part No. Maximum Pixel Count Sensor I/F Host I/F Serial I/F Package Quote/Buy
THP7312 16M RAW8/10/12 bit parallel or MIPI 2ch (4+2Lanes)+VC RAW/YUV422/JPEG parallel or MIPI 1ch (4Lanes)+VC I2C Master/Slave SPI Master/Slave Intelligent PWM BGA81 Contact CEL
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