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Parts Summary: NX7337BJ-AA

180mW, 1310 nm InGaAsP MQW, Pulsed FP Laser Diode Coaxial Module for Multi Mode OTDR Applications

The NX7337BJ-AA is a 1310 nm Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) structured Fabry-Perot (FP) laser diode coaxial module with multi mode fiber. This module is specified to operate under pulsed condition and designed as the light source for the OTDR

    Electro-Optical Characteristics
Part No. Reliability Report Tc  (C) λc (nm) TYP Pf (mW) MIN Pf (mW) TYP * IFP (mA) TYP Package Application
NX7337BJ-AA GQR-19183 -20 to +60 1310 130 180 1000 4-Pin Coaxial OTDR
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Complementary Parts
NEC Part Description
NR6800 Series
80 Micro Meter Diameter InGaAs APD in CAN Package for OTDR Applications
80 Micro Meter Diameter InGaAs APD in Coaxial Package with multi mode fiber for OTDR Applications
Quality and Environmental
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