RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave

RF Semiconductors Applications

Renesas Electronics’ RF and Microwave products serve virtually all current wireless applications including WiMax, WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, SDARS, AMI-AMR, Mobile TV, DBS, to name a few, with high performance RFIC and discrete transistor products in industry standard and miniaturized packages.

CEL provides technical support to assist in design of both hardware  and reference designs for RF Chipsets.

ZigBee Range Extension
Renesas High Performance GaAs PAs, Switches, and LNA ICs and Transistors complement ZigBee Chipset Transceivers and provide extended range capability.
DBS Low Noise Block
DBS Low Noise Block
Renesas High Performance, Low Noise HJ-FETS, High Gain SiGe Transistors, Si IC IF Amplifiers, and Industry-Leading Low-Loss GaAs Switches.
Automated Meter Reading / Mesh Networks / Home Area Networks
Automated Meter Reading / Mesh Networks / Home Area Networks
RFIC Switches, LNAs and Power Amplifiers for 450 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz Applications.

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