Renesas Opto-Couplers

Renesas Opto-Couplers

Optocouplers Markets and Applications

Renesas Electronics optocouplers can be used in a wide variety of markets which are categorized into Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Power Supply, Test & Measurement, Datacomm, Lighting Control, Light Durable Goods and Automotive.

These markets include but are not limited to motion control, Power over Ethernet, factory automation, broadband line communication, uninterruptible power supply, switching mode, automated meter readers and lighting control applications.

Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
  • STB
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Household Electronic Appliances
  • Audio Equipment
  • Datacomm
  • Networking
  • POE
  • RS485
  • Broadband Over Power Line (BPL)
  • Industrial
  • Drives
  • FA/PLC
  • Motion Control
  • Sensors and Systems
  • General Industrial
  • Embeded Controls
  • AMR
  • Cable
    Light Durable Goods
  • White Goods
  • HVAC
  • Safety and Security
  • Irrigation Controls
  • Vending
  • Gaming
  • Lighting Control
    Lighting Control
  • LED Lighting
  • Entertainment Lighting
  • Conventional Lighting
  • Power Supply
    Power Supply
  • DC-DC Power Supply
  • AC-DC Power Supply
  • Switching Mode P/S
  • Test & Measurement
    Test & Measurement
  • ATE
  • Lab / Portable Instrumentation
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