Renesas Laser & Detectors

Renesas Laser & Detectors


Products from Renesas Electronics' Compound Semiconductor Device Business Division support applications across today’s fiber optics communications systems: Long Haul, Metro, Access, Fiber to the Home, Enterprise, Storage Area Networks, and HFC as well as provide building blocks for test and measurement equipment. CEL offers a broad portfolio of Renesas Electronics lasers and detectors for Telecommunications, Data Communications, OTDR testing, and FTTx applications.

Renesas Electronics proven reliability and long history in this market will put you ahead in the game.
Data Communications
Data Communications
Renesas Electronics offers the best in class AlGaInAs BH structure DFB TOSA with complementary ROSAs.
Renesas Electronics offers CAN lasers for FTTx market.
OTDR Test Equipment Market
OTDR Test Equipment
Renesas Electronics offers the best in class high power pulsed lasers and APD detectors for OTDR market.

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